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  1. The ULAQ is an armed unmanned surface vessel currently in the mass production phase.
  2. The ULAQ will come in 6 different variants.
  3. This variant of the ULAQ can carry up to 4 Atmaca missiles, a long range anti-ship missile
  4. Turkey also plans to use the ULAQ to block illegal immigrants from entering Turkey from
  5. Furthermore the ULAQ has a range of 400 kilometers and a speed of up to 65 kilometers per hour.
  6. The ULAQ is also equipped with various electronic warfare, communication and intelligence systems.
  7. Another Characteristic of the ulaq it can be deployed from several sea platforms including
  8. It has been announced by Meteskan defence, the developer of the ULAQ that Turkey is in
  9. talks with 10 countries to export the ulaq.
  10. Personally I think the ULAQ will be very successfull especially due to its low cost and high effecieny.
  11. Compared to the US unmanned vessel the ULAq is slightly inferior.