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  1. UltraScientism: hack coronaviruses and bet on market LUL
  2. UltraScientism: They'll just start to regulate it very quickly
  3. UltraScientism: @georgehotz How is your quantum chemistry knowledge?
  4. UltraScientism: is it from lib rus ec?
  5. UltraScientism: did he move?
  6. UltraScientism: like everyone nowadays
  7. UltraScientism: probably million bucks LUL
  8. UltraScientism: why is internet so slow?
  9. UltraScientism: Juicero was a mechanical engineering masterpiece.
  10. UltraScientism: their synthetic bacteria wasn't entirely synthetic
  11. UltraScientism: Is it an apartment or a private home?
  12. UltraScientism: how long is Pfizer covid vaccine anyone knows?
  13. UltraScientism: legal drugs LUL
  14. UltraScientism: protein diet
  15. UltraScientism: microfluidic pipeting
  16. UltraScientism: the issue here is that iternet cables are privately managed. It means that you there is no guarantee they won't kick you out from the internet entirely.
  17. UltraScientism: food portions in the use are GINORMOUS
  18. UltraScientism: big boy
  19. UltraScientism: these car noises DansGame
  20. UltraScientism: vector is how you insert your DNA into a living organism