How do you pronounce umbratus in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. But since Umbratus is so common in my region I can safely say it is Umbratus.
  2. The queen was Lasius Umbratus and she tried to invade the nest multiple times.
  3. The first week of founding a Lasius Umbratus colony is the hardest.
  4. If you havent checked out my previous Lasius Umbratus video make sure you watch it.
  5. Last video I was wrong and said Lasius Umbratus has black workers.
  6. There are very few people that keep large lasius umbratus colonies so it would be cool
  7. Moving on to the other Umbratus colony.
  8. I caught a diverse amount of ants including Lasius Umbratus.
  9. This is a batch of pupae and workers from a wild colony that the Umbratus queen can
  10. So for the people unaware Lasius Umbratus is a parasitic ant species.
  11. During queen hunting I saw a lot of Umbratus queens carrying dead workers so this makes
  12. Thats why if the colony survives I will do an update video on the two Umbratus queens