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  1. Undercommons, and feed at The Undercommons.
  2. So, The Undercommons was started by the Black Infinity Complex, Jan. 2016 at the
  3. The Undercommons currently meets in public
  4. In The Undercommons, we cultivate a
  5. Then The Undercommons is a type of
  6. The Undercommons: Fugitive Study & Planning
  7. the violence of western universities... and we named it 'The Undercommons'.
  8. So we've employed that as well in The Undercommons, and the idea of a freedom
  9. something within The Undercommons.
  10. The Undercommons for months, and what's key is to have a group of organizers that are
  11. things that worked. Looking at the text 'The Undercommons' and discussing that
  12. world is really what The Undercommons is about.
  13. Black Infinity Complex and he sent me a message like, Hey we're starting up The Undercommons!
  14. And I think The Undercommons as an academic space is really important because it's a
  15. during our sessions in The Undercommons and during our study hall, is an openness, a
  16. So, um, at the crux of it all, The Undercommons is an extremely loving space.
  17. streets or by cops, um - so at the base of it The Undercommons is - is a beloved
  18. We started getting feedback from students that are like, Yo, The Undercommons has
  19. the students at Harvard Law are trying to start an 'Undercommons' as well.
  20. Um, students at UCSD are interested in starting an 'Undercommons'.