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  1., a marketplace and escrow that enables users to build and exchange NFTs has teamed
  2. The Uniqly team, like Enjin, has created a full ecosystem that is currently being used
  3. Uniqly expects to announce the first scheduled release of the year soon: a limited-edition
  4. range of designer NFT shirts redeemable via the token burn process. Uniqly's team has
  5. physical items, and Uniqly will be working with Enjin at a critical moment when the world's
  6. attention is focused on NFTs. Uniqly will be able to perform transactions quicker, easier,
  7. and stable blockchain infrastructure will be critical to the Uniqly platform's success.
  8. Uniqly chose Enjin as a partner because of the latter's relentless innovation push. Enjin
  9. of industries, including gaming, fashion, digital art, and others. Uniqly, meanwhile,
  10. Enjin's collaboration with Uniqly will assist the latter in taking the first step toward