How do you pronounce urker in English (1 out of 9).

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  1. A girl would then seek out a relationship with a boy at the docks, eating a fried gurnard or Urker dikkoek, to subsequently make preparations for the Pentecost weekend.
  2. almost every man whos not seen wearing the traditional attire, can at least be seen rocking a typical Urker earring.
  3. Gerard de Ridder is an authority on the Urker regional dress and a member of the authentic regional garment group.
  4. But an Urker woman had to be busy in those dire time, you had to peel shrimps and do everything to make a little on the side.
  5. A Urker woman accounted for everything. Yes.
  6. An Urker man wouldnt go to a shop either.
  7. An Urker man wouldnt go to a store either.
  8. If an Urker couple married, the woman would join her mom and her cleaning lady to go out shopping for furniture.
  9. During our conversation it quickly dawned on me that the Urker woman has been in many ways an equal of her male counterpart.