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  1. This is called 'Vajramushti'.
  2. Vajramushti is made by combining these two words.
  3. Vajramushti is such a weapon that is made from elephant teeth.
  4. Vajramushti martial art has proven to be useful.
  5. That was called Vajramushti.
  6. Vajramushti is the martial art of using this weapon.
  7. Vajramushti martial art is a very popular martial art.
  8. They were experts in Vajramushti.
  9. The Devmallu Jetti of Karnataka area practice Vajramushti.
  10. We keep our Vajramushti weapon on a white cloth in the temple and
  11. In Vajramushti, after wearing this the fist becomes hard as a Vajra.
  12. The first historic detail of Vajramushti is found in the historic writing
  13. According to this writing, the use of Vajramushti
  14. Vajramushti martial art and also to serve them.
  15. it was easy to use the Vajramushti weapon and win wars.
  16. Not only men but, even women had played their role in Vajramushti.
  17. Seeing the benefits of Vajramushti, she adopted it and
  18. She herself benefitted from using Vajramushti.
  19. Maybe, that is why she taught Vajramushti to Bodhidharma.
  20. were Kalaripayattu, Vajramushti etc.