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  1. Vanford is the latest addition to the MGL reel series.
  2. Another feature of the new vanford reel is the long stroke spool
  3. Vanford combines micromodule II with Silent drive system.
  4. I am here today to talk with you about the new Vanford reel.
  5. This new Vanford is part of the Magnumlite series.
  6. Our development target for the Vanford was to create spinning reel
  7. The Vanford among other Magnumlite series reels, utilize this special MGL rotor design.
  8. The Vanford also utilizes a special labyrinth structure
  9. the new Vanford reel has; Extremely light rotation start-up,
  10. The Vanford is available in 13 different models,
  11. Last but not least, the Vanford matches perfectly with our new ZODIAS rods.