How do you pronounce vanishka in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. Vanishka, my mom and Papa doesn't love me anymore
  2. Vanishka, but i am talking about my brother
  3. wow vanishka, you and being out?
  4. come on vanishka, why are you this much tensed up
  5. vanishka. cheating is just a piece of paper which will remind you of what you have already read
  6. story teller: at that time vanishka ignored ayesha
  7. vanishka's test went really well
  8. look vanishka, i know that you have been cheating
  9. story teller: the next exam came and vanishka cheated again
  10. story teller: vanishka was feeling so ashamed, because all the student had known her as a real top student
  11. vanishka thought about what teacher said and it completely changed her mind
  12. vanishka tried and struggled alot