How do you pronounce varakin in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. You should have a pass here for Mr. Varakin.
  2. This is Varakin. I'm at the check-point but there's no pass.
  3. Varakin, from the Moscow engineering works.
  4. Mr. Varakin, please go through.
  5. Alexei Varakin:
  6. Mr. Varakin?
  7. Mikhail Alekseevich Varakin.
  8. - Alexei Varakin? - Yes.
  9. Varakin? How'd you like a bit of fun?
  10. We want to see Varakin.
  11. - I'm Varakin. - Can we come in?
  12. Ah, there's Alexei Varakin.
  13. Varakin isn't.
  14. Ah, yes, Varakin, the son of chef Nikolaev.