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  1. draenor, artifacts which we collected and brought to Zooti Fizzlefury, Vargoths most
  2. Our champions are able to find some very powerful artifacts and Archmage Vargoths long time
  3. Vargoths strange behavior is related to the Empyrean Society.
  4. Meryl is still too sick to be of any help while Khadgar is troubled by Vargoths involvement
  5. Archmage Vargoths Journal ( A brand new journal titled, The Nightborne Soulstone.):
  6. Vargoths journal has notes on the Nightborne Soulstone.
  7. A perfect task for our champions who are send to investigate Vargoths travels.
  8. of Vargoths betrayal while Millhouse is willing to stick around and become our champion
  9. Vargoths betrayal is an unimaginable loss to our cause and well have to deal with