How do you pronounce veluwemeer in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. show, it represents that road that is just under the bridge of water from the Veluwemeer,
  2. is here and I think it is time to tell you about it is the Veluwemeer, it is an artificial lake that
  3. On our way to the Veluwemeer. We put the cover
  4. He lost them at the Veluwemeer. We will catch it later. On our lure.
  5. We are standing at the lying table of the Veluwemeer Pension.
  6. You run the Veluwemeer Pension for a while now right? Yes, almost ten years.
  7. You can't see it that well on the camera. But the Veluwemeer is back there right?
  8. The Veluwemeer is 800 meters from the pension.
  9. The ruler is owned by the Veluwemeer Pension.
  10. Check the website or the Facebook page of the Veluwemeer Pension.
  11. The trailerslope is 800 meters away from the Veluwemeer.
  12. So we go to the Nuldernauw. We have fished on the Veluwemeer. And on the Wolderwijd.
  13. And not on the Veluwemeer.
  14. The Veluwemeer, for example.