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How do you pronounce verbalize in English (1 out of 52).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of verbalize

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of verbalize:

Derived Form of verbalize

third person: verbalizes
past: verbalized
past participle: verbalized
present participle: verbalizing
be verbose
  1. This lawyer verbalizes and is rather tedious
Type ofmouth, speak, talk, utter, verbalise, verbalize,
express in speech
  1. She talks a lot of nonsense
  2. This depressed patient does not verbalize
Synonymstalk, speak, utter, mouth, verbalise,
Hyponymsbabble, bark, bay, begin, blubber, blurt out, bumble, cackle, chatter, deliver, drone, enthuse, generalize, gulp, hiss, lip off, mumble, murmur, open up, peep, rant, rasp, read, shout, sing, slur, snap, snivel, speak in tongues, speak up, swallow, talk of, tone, troll, verbalize, vocalize, whiff, whisper, yack,
Type ofcommunicate, intercommunicate,
Typesbabble, bark, bay, begin, blab, blabber, blubber, blubber out, blunder, blunder out, blurt, blurt out, bumble, cackle, chant, chatter, clack, deliver, drone, drone on, ejaculate, enthuse, falter, gabble, generalise, generalize, gibber, gulp, hiss, inflect, intone, jabber, jaw, lip off, maunder, modulate, mouth off, mumble, murmur, mussitate, mutter, open up, palaver, peep, phonate, piffle, prate, prattle, present, rabbit on, rant, rasp, rattle on, rave, read, shoot one's mouth off, shout, sibilate, sing, siss, sizz, slur, snap, snarl, snivel, speak in tongues, speak up, spout, stammer, stutter, swallow, talk about, talk of, tattle, tittle-tattle, tone, troll, twaddle, verbalise, verbalize, vocalise, vocalize, whiff, whine, whisper, yack, yack away, yap away,
See alsoverbalization, verbalizer,
articulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise
  1. She expressed her anger
  2. He uttered a curse
Synonymsexpress, verbalise, utter, give tongue to,
Hyponymsbreathe, clamor, curse, drop, exclaim, get off, hurl, marvel, platitudinize, pooh-pooh, pour out, raise, represent, say, state, vociferate, voice, wish,
Typesblaspheme, breathe, call out, clamor, clamour, cry, cry out, curse, cuss, drop, exclaim, get off, hurl, imprecate, marvel, outcry, pooh-pooh, pour out, raise, represent, say, shout, shout out, state, swear, tell, throw, vociferate, voice, wish,
convert into a verb
  1. many English nouns have become verbalized
Type ofconvert,

verbalize on Youtube

  1. Verbalize their otherworldly grace?
  2. Colton: It can like verbalize its thoughts
  3. It is a fallacy that most of us never verbalize or are even aware of
  4. In fact, they tend to verbalize out loud.
  5. They verbalize outwardly.
  6. Do you verbalize your worry, or do you shut down and close down?
  7. Somebody needs to verbalize if they're walking through the door or not
  8. the way I verbalize, the way I talk, the way I process.
  9. to be able to verbalize
  10. you've had a really bad day and you would much rather verbalize what a bad
  11. than to just verbalize it to Andrew.
  12. emotions we are the reason we're wanting you to verbalize it a bit is because if
  13. has previously been unwilling to verbalize how important this person is to them.
  14. It helps me to verbalize how God was with us
  15. I'm trying to verbalize it as best as I can for you to understand but sometimes I'm just in my head
  16. Verbalize it.
  17. It's an underlying assumption, perhaps you wouldn't verbalize it in that way,
  18. And I couldn't even verbalize, I didn't know what it was.
  19. let's both verbalize our honest preference,