How do you pronounce verkad in English (1 out of 8).

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  1. Ankles broken. They were not built to withstand Verkad's dribbling and quick feet.
  2. Despite all his greatness, Verkad is only human. He had his ups and downs throughout hiscareer
  3. At the young age of 11 the height of Verkad's management career, he led SV Die Haghe to 32 champions
  4. To this day, still young Verkad is serving the community,
  5. Verkad is pleasuring the community,
  6. and Verkad is pleasing the community
  7. it is for this reason the masses will never forgetVerkad, and Verkad will never forget the masses
  8. Verkad is even further pleasuring the communityby starring in his ingenious advertisementwearing his staple red sweater