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  1. This is the final VESTENAMER? Yes, this is VESTENAMER.
  2. and VESTENAMER into the asphalt. This way we increase the life of the asphalt and it becomes more stable.
  3. The black rubber powder that upgrades the asphalt mix was previously coated with VESTENAMER.
  4. to test, among other things, how well the ground tire rubber-VESTENAMER mixture performs in comparison with conventional methods.
  5. But what is actually happening here with VESTENAMER?
  6. modified with ground tire rubber and VESTENAMER.
  7. Things get exciting in the laboratory in Dortmund: Here the experts check whether VESTENAMER will hold,
  8. Firstly, because we are proving that using VESTENAMER, we are able to upgrade ground tire rubber extracted from tires
  9. I'd like to pursue the environmental track a little further and that's why Frank and I are now going to see, where VESTENAMER comes from.
  10. VESTENAMER is produced here and also packaged.
  11. This means: the measurements have shown that the mixture of VESTENAMER with ground rubber tire, is equivalent to the compared standard road construction products. Further measurements will be carried out for quality control.