How do you pronounce vigoor in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. of the Holy Vigoor Empire.
  2. then he heads to the Vigoor empire,
  3. So he changes his target to the emperor of the Vigoor Empire
  4. by the head dark deity, Vigoor.
  5. He makes his way to Vigoor,
  6. He told the Vigoor emperor about the whereabouts
  7. - Their ultimate goal is to revive Vigoor though.
  8. may be needed somewhere else entirely. The capital of the Vigoor Empire then, Tairon,
  9. hes only the servant of an evil God monster, the Vigoor Emperor. A typical trope; youre taking
  10. I beat the Vigoor Emperor and Im about as enthused as Ryu himself. Id probably have
  11. After defeating the Vigoor Emperor, this cape man is revealed to be Murai,
  12. the globe to put em to bed, and ultimately he confronts the successor to the Vigoor Emperor,