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  1. about what we're doing from the Viptela integration and iOS XE,
  2. We've talked about Viptela integration on this show.
  3. So how does this relate to how Viptela would work,
  4. Viptela was already on a subscription model.
  5. whether it's the enterprise routing portfolio or Viptela
  6. and bringing the Viptela enterprise routing portfolio
  7. Because we talk about Viptela integration.
  8. Viptela in a subscription mode.
  9. like this was the right time because of the Viptela thing
  10. But there's also customers that might be Viptela customers that
  11. might have bought a Viptela enterprise agreement
  12. or bought Viptela transactionally.
  13. because Viptela, obviously, was an acquisition recently.
  14. Viptela became part of Cisco about six months ago, and many of you have
  15. been wondering, When would Viptela's advanced SD-WAN expertise become
  16. Ramesh Prabagaran, who came to Cisco from Viptela about a year ago, and Jay Chokshi,
  17. Ramesh, let me start with you. You came to us from Viptela.
  18. We've all been excited about what Viptela has been able to do in the SD-WAN space,
  19. what we've gotten from Viptela, and you've been hard at work behind the
  20. our platforms. We are essentially taking the Viptela software and integrating it