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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of vitreous humor

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of vitreous humor:
/vɪtɹiəs hjumɹ̩/

Derived Form of vitreous

comparitive: more vitreous
superlative: most vitreous
of or relating to or constituting the vitreous humor of the eye
See alsovitreous humor,
relating to or resembling or derived from or containing glass
See alsoglass,
(of ceramics) having the surface made shiny and nonporous by fusing a vitreous solution to it
Synonymsglassy, vitrified,
Similarglazed, shiny,

Derived Form of humor

plural: humors
third person: humors
past: humored
past participle: humored
present participle: humoring
a message whose ingenuity or verbal skill or incongruity has the power to evoke laughter
Synonymswit, humour, witticism, wittiness,
Hyponymsbon mot, caricature, cartoon, esprit de l'escalier, fun, jeu d'esprit, joke, pungency, repartee, ribaldry, sarcasm, topper,
Type ofcontent, message, subject matter, substance,
Typesbite, bon mot, caricature, cartoon, caustic remark, fun, gag, imitation, impersonation, irony, jape, jest, jeu d'esprit, joke, laugh, mot, play, pungency, repartee, ribaldry, sarcasm, satire, sketch, sport, topper,
the trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous
  1. she didn't appreciate my humor
  2. you can't survive in the army without a sense of humor
Synonymshumour, sense of humor, sense of humour,
Type offun, playfulness,
a characteristic (habitual or relatively temporary) state of feeling
  1. whether he praised or cursed me depended on his temper at the time
  2. he was in a bad humor
Synonymstemper, mood, humour,
Hyponymsgood humor, ill humor, peeve, sulk,
Type offeeling,
Typesamiability, distemper, good humor, good humour, good temper, ill humor, ill humour, sulk, sulkiness,
the quality of being funny
  1. I fail to see the humor in it
Type ofquality,
(Middle Ages) one of the four fluids in the body whose balance was believed to determine your emotional and physical state
  1. the humors are blood and phlegm and yellow and black bile
Hypernymsbody substance,
Type ofbody substance,
the liquid parts of the body
Synonymsliquid body substance, bodily fluid, body fluid, humour,
Hyponymsamniotic fluid, aqueous humor, black bile, blood, chyle, endolymph, extracellular fluid, ink, intracellular fluid, juice, karyolymph, lochia, lymph, milk, perilymph, pus, secretion, semen, serum, spinal fluid, vitreous humor, yellow bile,
Hypernymsbody substance,
Type ofbody substance,
Typesamnionic fluid, amniotic fluid, aqueous humor, aqueous humour, black bile, blood, blood serum, cerebrospinal fluid, choler, chyle, cum, ECF, ejaculate, endolymph, extracellular fluid, festering, ichor, ink, intracellular fluid, juice, karyolymph, lochia, lymph, melancholy, milk, perilymph, phlegm, purulence, pus, sanies, secretion, seed, semen, seminal fluid, serum, spinal fluid, sputum, succus, suppuration, vitreous body, vitreous humor, vitreous humour, waters, yellow bile,
See alsohumoral,
put into a good mood
Type ofgratify, indulge, pander,
See alsohumoring,

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