How do you pronounce vndr in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. of the VNDR swimwear, I'm so excited, so I'm wearing the yellow one right now and
  2. So on this holiday of course we are shooting for VNDR, for the clothing
  3. why I decided to start my own brand which is called VNDR official
  4. Well we already have our Vanderfit sweater out and our VNDR logo tee which
  5. This is the VNDR official swimwear and I've been working on this for quite some
  6. and everything comes in this beautiful VNDR bag so that you can put your
  7. order it then you should DM the VNDR official Instagram page and
  8. The VNDR swimwear has just gone live on instagram and I just can't explain how much this means
  9. especially for the VNDR brand, so I have somebody that ordered a yellow
  10. I grab a nice VNDR bag and then I put it in there and and I've also
  11. the VNDR bikinis in full action, then please hit that little bell next to the