How do you pronounce volcra in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. but it's darknessthat's populated by these creatures, the volcra,
  2. - And you can turn into a Volcra
  3. the Volcra proved to be too tough to handle,
  4. of the Fold into monsters known as volcra which now roam the shadow world threatening
  5. So, when Alina Starkov discovers her Sun Summoner powers with the ability to destroy volcra,
  6. As the darkness and volcra consume the city, Kirigan rids himself of General Zlatan, the
  7. Kirigan is still alive, of course, and although he ends up hauled off by a Volcra during his
  8. They are a different kind of beast to the volcra as they can pass outside the Fold and
  9. The Volcra.
  10. like, I just wanted-- I wanted to be like stabbed or murdered by a Volcra.
  11. known as the Volcra.
  12. turned into the winged creatures known in the show as Volcra.