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  1. Keeper Vorrik, Keeper Sulthis and Keeper Korthek of the Sethrak once stood side by side to
  2. Where once Keeper Vorrik, Keeper Sulthis and Keeper Korthek stood side by side to make
  3. Sulthis: Vorrik, if you are receiving this message, then I fear I was too late.
  4. on his journey to the sanctuary of the devorted where Keeper Vorrik can tell us more.
  5. The faithless have taken vorrik.
  6. We land in the middle of a war with the faithless and keeper Vorrik has been captured.
  7. Vorrik, they save one of their privates that also hold a special stone.
  8. He was always the better fighter so vorrik will drain everything he cam from these crystals
  9. Fight fight fight, toranods everywhere, shock spell, nisha and vorrik versus korthek
  10. I wonder, Vorrik.
  11. I did not force anyone to follow me, Vorrik...Our people are conquerors.
  12. Some, like Serrik and Keeper Vorrik are actively fighting against them.
  13. With Nisha and Vorrik at our side we confront Keeper Korthek at their temple of Sethrallis.