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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of vostokoff

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of vostokoff:

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  1. of Vostokoff, who is described as a mother-figure to Romanoff and Belova. Vostokoff is likely
  2. Elena - the sister of the Red Room and their mentor Melina Vostokoff.
  3. training in the Red Room; Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff, an experienced Widow; and
  4. family from her time in training Rachel Weisz is playing Melina Vostokoff and David Harbour is
  5. Melina Vostokoff played by Rachel Weisz who intriguingly revealed some juicy details about
  6. In the comics, Melina Vostokoff is a former Russian agent also known as Iron Maiden, who
  7. These new characters include Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff,
  8. MELINA VOSTOKOFF I'm sorry. We had our orders,
  9. MELINA VOSTOKOFF Natasha, don't slouch.
  10. Natasha and Yelena's mother, Melina Vostokoff, is one of the more fascinating members of