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  1. when VPAF aircraft completed 64 sorties, resulting in 15 air battles. The VPAF claimed 7 F-4s were shot down Those, in turn, managed to destroy two MiG-21s, three MiG-17s and one MiG-19. On 11 May, two MiG-21s,
  2. Although 13 of North Vietnam's flying aces attained their status while flying the MiG-21 many VPAF pilots preferred the MiG-17, because the high wing loading of the MiG-21 made it relatively less maneuverable
  3. F-4s began to suffer losses. From May to December 1966, the USAF lost 47 aircraft, destroying only 12 VPAF fighters in return. From April 1965 to November 1968, over 268 air battles occurred over the skies of North Vietnam.
  4. the second pair of MiGs made a missile attack and were hit by two F-4s. 18 May, Vietnamese aircraft made 26 sorties, eight of which resulted in combat, costing four F-4s while the VPAF did not suffer any losses.
  5. The VPAF lost 54 MiGs and they claimed 90 U.S. aircraft were shot down, including 74 F-4 fighters and two RF-4C reconnaissance jets. One MiG-21 was shot down on 21 February 1972 by a U.S.
  6. kill awarded to A1C Albert E. Moore for downing a MiG-21 over the Thai Nguyen railroad yards. Both actions occurred during Operation Linebacker II. These air-to-air kills were not confirmed by VPAF.
  7. In the summer of 1972 the VPAF was directed to train 12 MiG-21 pilots for the specific mission of attacking and shooting down B-52 bombers; with two-thirds of those pilots specifically trained in the night attack.
  8. On 26 December 1972, just two days after tail gunner Albert Moore downed his MiG-21, a VPAF MiG-21MF from the 921st Fighter Regiment, flown by Major Phm Tun over Hanoi,
  9. and claimed shot down one F-105 Thunderchief During the Vietnam war, the VPAF claimed 103 F-4 Phantoms were shot down by MiG-21s, and they lost 60 MiG-21s in air combat. According to Russian data,