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  1. And in that VPAT requester --in that VPAT request we actually have
  2. The question is what is your familiarity with VPAT, and I have:
  3. I am familiar and reference them regularly; I have heard of a VPAT but not 100 percent sure
  4. by asking a vendor for a VPAT it starts the conversation around accessibility
  5. are requiring a VPAT to be part of their procurement initiative.
  6. or the European standard...the VPAT can answer questions across the board because it really
  7. And in that instance completing a VPAT is a major test,
  8. Maybe it's not necessarily having to do a whole new retested VPAT but maybe only updates
  9. that you can apply to the VPAT, but then when you're looking at version 1 versus 2 you might
  10. be looking at a new VPAT.
  11. So it's not having to do that every time for every new request for a single VPAT
  12. that other third party vendor for their VPAT
  13. Furthermore being aware and actually promoting the VPAT documentation that
  14. So think about these things when you say does a VPAT apply?
  15. Sometimes we have seen clients come to us saying I need a test for a VPAT, it's
  16. When we are looking at that what does a sample VPAT look like.
  17. Whereas if we look at a VPAT that simply says supports but doesn't provide
  18. VPAT to these customers that are asking questions.
  19. Then we have what we consider an ideal VPAT.
  20. An ideal VPAT is going to cover your EN 301, Section 508, your WCAG 2.1, you have