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  1. Warblades.
  2. She now wields the Aldrachi Warblades and a party was sent to track Caria down, but
  3. Have you located the warblades?
  4. Saving Allari and her men would be a great thing, but our main goal is the Aldrachi Warblades.
  5. behind the aldrachi warblades...
  6. warblades.
  7. Warblades eclipsed all other types of arms in prestige.
  8. The resultant warblades could consume the souls of their victims.
  9. The most ancient warblades contained thousands of souls, and they were revered just as much
  10. carrying warblades of his own.
  11. He fixed his eyes on his opponent's gleaming warblades.
  12. Both were on the verge of death when Toranaar finally disarmed his kin and took the warblades
  13. His warblades howled over the clamor of battle, rending anything that came near.
  14. Each of them carried warblades teeming with the souls of thousands of victims they had
  15. His warblades ripped through Sargeras's hide, and fire burst from the wound.
  16. He had left the warblades used by Toranaar and his kin intact.
  17. Kil'jaeden the Deceiver was charged with distributing the warblades of the aldrachi.
  18. Those who met Kil'jaeden's standards received a set of warblades.
  19. In time, Kil'jaeden had circulated all of the warblades, save the ones that had belonged
  20. Before unleashing Caria on his enemies, he gifted her the powerful Aldrachi Warblades.