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  1. the latest MOSFET from GATE, the WARFET
  2. the Warfet costs around 99
  3. here we learn how to plug the WARFET
  4. here is the WARFET
  5. two adaptors to be able to use the WARFET with mini Tamiya-wired guns
  6. and those wires are helpful if you want to hardwire the WARFET to your favourite replica
  7. the WARFET is weather-resistant, thanks to a military-grade coating
  8. you can plug your favourite battery on the WARFET, whether it is a NiMh or LiPo battery
  9. if you're like me and you remove the fuse of your replica, the WARFET will protect it
  10. so after each skirmish, unplug the battery from the WARFET
  11. you'll plug it between the WARFET and the battery so you can set all the parameters
  12. there's also an auto-test on the WARFET
  13. if you spent between 80 and 100 for an ASCU, you won't spend another 100 to get a WARFET...
  14. so let's plug the WARFET here
  15. so ASCU plus WARFET, fail ! But the interest was limited
  16. now using a WARFET alongside with an ETU is interesting, because there are not many features on an ETU
  17. so it'd be nice to add WARFET feats in addition to that
  18. let me plug the adaptor, the WARFET and the battery
  19. keep that in mind before buying a WARFET
  20. well, we can't use the WARFET with ASCUs or ETUs, and I guess with any electronic-controlled gun