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  1. has already built in the WCAG 4.0 AA standard.
  2. I'm not going to talk about WCAG and what is WCAG and get into the
  3. with this term WCAG EM. What that means is it's their Evaluation
  4. roughly say that you had a hundred WCAG rules and 50 of those WCAG rules
  5. would be associated in some way to help with those WCAG
  6. goes and looks at WCAG realizes you're not going to have a training on
  7. WCAG that fast and everybody's gonna be trained. The second thing you're
  8. details of this particular WCAG rule that they'll never do anything with it.
  9. WCAG rule attaches to that thing that they're doing. Web developers... our
  10. They certainly get into areas of WCAG that other users won't. An example would
  11. So, once we kind of got that body of work I went out and read through all the WCAG...
  12. figure it out. You're not going to train everything on WCAG.
  13. WCAG and I got all of the rules and I imported them into a database.
  14. guy who does videos have to know everything in WCAG. Instead, click on videos it
  15. will filter out the WCAG rules for videos... that's what you need to know.
  16. how we interface our employees when it comes to WCAG specifically.
  17. When you're interpreting the WCAG rules, again let's just use quick numbers...
  18. they work. So if you're not applying all that to WCAG and all you did was
  19. until they finally actually quoted me the WCAG for it. This was one that
  20. time for? If there's not, I'm good. So the question was, Is there a public link to our filtered WCAG pages?. When I compiled all