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  1. This is a Weirdboy, a powerful Ork thats full of psychic energy.
  2. for the Weirdboy, Ork Boyz, and Deff Dread, youll find them in the Ork codex, and so
  3. As we said, the M is for movement, and we can see that the Weirdboy and Ork Boyz
  4. The Weirdboy will do the same, staying behind the boyz for a bit of protection.
  5. My Psyker, the weirdboy, knows 3 abilities
  6. Annoyingly, those abilities all have an 18 range, and the weirdboy is too far away from
  7. psyker models, Guys weirdboy is the only one.
  8. Even if I wanted to fire at the weirdboy, and I was in range, I couldnt at the moment,
  9. Ill move the Orks their 5 inches, and the Weirdboy too, making sure to keep him behind
  10. Now I have to roll to see if the Weirdboy can manifest enough psychic energy to smash
  11. I score another 5 victory points because my weirdboy is the only model within 3 of
  12. phase if they fall back anyway, but Ill move the weirdboy so hes closer to the
  13. Now, my weirdboy doesnt have any ranged weapons, and models that are engaged in a
  14. I need to jump my weirdboy into combat to avoid the Necrons next shooting phase.
  15. Just over 9 inches between the weirdboy and the warriors
  16. So the Weirdboy gets to flex his buns of steel on those Necron Warriors.
  17. Now, lets see what his strength is, hes using his melee weapon, the weirdboy staff,
  18. The weirdboy staff has an armour penetration value of -1, so the Warriors get their saves
  19. Your weirdboy has already fought, so I might as well try to kill some more of those boys
  20. Yes, Im going to do that ready to rapid fire your stupid weirdboy to death.