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  1. - [Voiceover] Westleaf Cannabis Inc. is a sponsored client
  2. own shares of Westleaf Cannabis Inc.
  3. the headquarters of retail cannabis company, Westleaf.
  4. Focused on the retail market for marijuana, Westleaf is
  5. Westleaf's recreational shops brand, Prairie Records,
  6. to aid Westleaf's goal to dominate what it refers to as
  7. Co-founder, President, and CEO of Westleaf.
  8. Prior to Westleaf, Scott served as the Vice President
  9. - Scott, Westleaf is a vertically integrated company.
  10. - Yeah. So, Westleaf's a vertically integrated company.
  11. How is Westleaf gonna differentiate itself
  12. the first store, where does Westleaf stand against its
  13. how many Prairie Records stores does Westleaf
  14. Westleaf has a really strong and diverse team
  15. - VIVO and Delta 9 are two Canadian LPs Westleaf has
  16. - Yeah, so Westleaf secured a number of
  17. - The Westleaf story has depth.
  18. - Westleaf's in a great spot.
  19. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Westleaf.
  20. Before Westleaf, Adam was Vice President of Specialty Sales