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  1. sail right through the polder land of the Wieringermeer,
  2. which drained the Wieringermeer
  3. Princess Ariane Wind farm is part of Wind farm Wieringermeer
  4. Wieringermeer will generate renewable electricity to industries,
  5. Born in Wieringermeer. - At the moment that there is some reds here
  6. They started with the Wieringermeer.
  7. around an area called the Wieringermeer , then draining off the water to create new land.
  8. in the Wieringermeer.
  9. in the Wieringermeer in Noord-Holland.
  10. But even the cloud is since recently located in the Wieringermeer.
  11. Here, look. In the Wieringermeer
  12. So, windmills in the Wieringermeer are PERFECT
  13. Okay, so we fill up the entire Wieringermeer with windmills
  14. which includes the Wieringermeer.
  15. and says: You are going to build a datacenter in the Wieringermeer!
  16. The story of the Wieringermeer is not unique.
  17. Anyway. Not only in the Wieringermeer and Zeewolde they get horny on data centres.
  18. But no, check this: Microsoft is going to use the Wieringermeer
  19. In that giant data center of Google in the Wieringermeer are working only 125 people.
  20. that Google bought the terrain for the data centre in the Wieringermeer