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  1. we welcome you here in the Rijnhaven or in the Wijnhaven or in Den Bosch or in one of the other
  2. Wijnhaven
  3. - All our faculties are represented at our new location Wijnhaven.
  4. With the imposing Wijnhaven building and the new Beehive student centre...
  5. ...and Urban Trail The Hague, straight through the Wijnhaven building.
  6. That's absolutely right. Welcome to Wijnhaven...
  7. Over here I usually find a study spot somewhere. Now you've seen most of Wijnhaven.
  8. Opposite Wijnhaven, we have the student centre Beehive.
  9. It's also the street where the Wijnhaven building of The Hague Campus is located.
  10. I must admit that this isn't new to me, I already had a tour of Wijnhaven.