How do you pronounce wildhunt in English (1 out of 8).

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  1. could, but when the winterqueen and the wildhunt showed up, the Wildhunt being the elite fighters
  2. Grove...somethings wrong. Ill alert the Wildhunt. Looks like we need your help again!
  3. well just have to ease the queens burder further starting with helping out the wildhunt.
  4. these blighted out of the lands, she discovers that its one of their own hunting the wildhunt.
  5. A small detour helping out Aralon and the wildhunt with stopping the Blighted forces
  6. Quickly now, lets rally our defenses, call in the wildhunt to stand with our grove. Those
  7. Wildhunt with me! For Ardenweald!
  8. The wildhunt will handle the remaining Gorm.