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  1. GREG WILPERT: It's The Real News Network and I'm Greg Wilpert, coming to you from Baltimore.
  2. And we are here joined by Gregory Wilpert.
  3. Let me get Gregory Wilpert to respond to what Edgardo is proposing here.
  4. GREG WILPERT: So let's take a closer look at this rate.
  5. GREG WILPERT: Yes, speaking of the labor force, the percentage of working-age population that
  6. GREG WILPERT: So another factor, I guess to take into account, is underemployment.
  7. GREG WILPERT: So yes, that actually brings me to the next point, which is that generally
  8. GREG WILPERT: Okay.
  9. GREG WILPERT: And thank you for joining The Real News Network.
  10. Now joining us to discuss all of this, first of all joining us from Caracas is Greg Wilpert.
  11. GREG WILPERT: Thanks.
  12. WILPERT: Well, some of the main things is that they can remove the vice president and
  13. WILPERT: Well, then it means they can do a number of different things. For one thing,
  14. WILPERT: No, the Supreme--sorry, the National Assembly also appoints--actually, they can
  15. WILPERT: Exactly.
  16. WILPERT: Well, because it would be much faster. That is, if they try to remove, first remove
  17. WILPERT: Right. The Venezuelan system is a little bit strange in that way. So actually
  18. WILPERT: Well, I think it really boils down to what do you mean by economic war? The government
  19. WILPERT: Yes, exactly. It's extremely lucrative. Or you can claim that you're importing something
  20. WILPERT: I think that's the only solution. Because right now the prices within Venezuela