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  1. and is called Wireguard. Todays episode will be about setting up a wireguard VPN on
  2. Post-quantum WireGuard, in short PQ-WireGuard, is a new VPN protocol that provides full security
  3. First, we introduce the original WireGuard protocol, and the PQ-WireGuard protocol.
  4. With those adjustments, PQ-WireGuard retains all security properties of WireGuard.
  5. respectively, and that the computation of both WireGuard and PQ-WireGuard are dominated
  6. It is based on the WireGuard protocol, which fuses cutting edge cryptography with a lightweight
  7. For example, WireGuard uses only 4000 lines of code, which is tiny compared to OpenVPN's
  8. Yet the WireGuard protocol can't ensure privacy.
  9. NordVPNs NordLynx technology which is built around the WireGuard protocol, it's even
  10. Wireguard OpenWrt leads us to the right web page with very detailed instructions on how
  11. use graphical tools but unfortunately there is not yet a complete gui for the wireguard
  12. Second, it will setup a new firewall rule that allows Wireguard VPN traffic in from
  13. This is where we will later set up the so called peers for wireguard. I also want to
  14. a barcode so I also install the package luci-app-wireguard Thats all we need to do on the router.
  15. Now lets see what we need to do on the iphone. First I need to install the wireguard
  16. select status and then Wireguard status. In order to have the bar code displayed I need
  17. has given the Wireguard interface the private IP address, so the address of
  18. In order to allow my iphone to access the VPN Server at home I need to tell wireguard
  19. about it. Wireguard has no concept of client and servers, but rather of so called peers.
  20. can review the most important settings of the wireguard network interface such as the