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  1. She is Nancy Writebol and she and her husband David join today from North Carolina via satellite.
  2. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: Thank you.
  3. >> DAVID WRITEBOL: It's good to be here.
  4. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: We have spent the last year in Liberia.
  5. >> DAVID WRITEBOL: And I was taking care of the technical part of the campus there, running
  6. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: When the epidemic hit, I was asked by the doctors to come over and
  7. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: Well, I have to tell you it was really hard.
  8. >> DAVID WRITEBOL: Families can't be together and can't touch each other and it's just very,
  9. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: Well, I had been working at the isolation unit on July 22nd and not
  10. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: First of all, David had told me that Kent, Dr. Brantley, had Ebola,
  11. >> DAVID WRITEBOL: It's not something that you contemplate or how do I tell someone that
  12. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: Ok.
  13. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: It happened in Africa, when I got sick and also when Dr. Brantley
  14. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: Well, I think, you know, after a while, you're just so sick, and with
  15. >> DAVID WRITEBOL: Yeah, you want to try to do something to relieve the pain or the suffering,
  16. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: Well, I think one of the greatest needs, and we've been hearing it
  17. >> DAVID WRITEBOL: Yeah, our hearts are with the Liberians, Sierra Leonians and Ghanaians
  18. >> NANCY WRITEBOL: I just wanted to say that, one of the things that we are often asked
  19. Writebol, two people who were medevacked back