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How do you pronounce wulver in English (1 out of 9).

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  1. In this books the author tells of the stories of beast known as the Wulver.
  2. The Wulver is said to take the form of a man with a wolfs head covered in short brown
  3. fur this appearance may have many thinking werewolf but unlike a Werewolf, the Wulver
  4. The ancient Celts believed that the Wulver was actually an evolved from wolf - it was
  5. The Wulver could be spotted out fishing for its daily meal from a rock dubbed, The
  6. Wolfgang Schlick wrote an interesting article on the Wulver and in his conclusion raises
  7. common to the Wulver shows that wolves, not matter how ferocious they are perceived to
  8. humans, the Wulver is a midway point between animal instinct and human reason.
  9. What do think, is the Wulver a real cryptid dogman type entity, is it a creature