How do you pronounce xiafancai in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. Xiafancai, or as we translated it - over rice dishes, are dishes that go well with rice,
  2. we will show you a few more today. Xiafancai is the ideal kind of dishes
  3. thats perfect for a simple weeknight meal. So this time, well be showing you three xiafancai
  4. make your xiafancai while the rice is cooking, and whip up some simple vegetables at the end.
  5. When the rice is cooking, you can start to make your xiafancai.
  6. After making your xiafancai, you dont even need to wash your wok,
  7. By making rice, making xiafancai, and whip up some simple vegetables,
  8. So, we translated xiafancai as over rice dishes, but it doesnt necessarily mean that
  9. it have to be on top of rice. The essence of xiafancai that its stuff that goes
  10. So xiafancai, over rice dishes. Previously we made two videos on this kind of dishes that go
  11. really well with rice, and this week, were back with our xiafancai series,