How do you pronounce xinzuo in English (1 out of 7).

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  1. The manufacturer is Xinzuo but I bought it from a reseller called Yarenh since they had
  2. I did find some strange things with the sharpening process from Xinzuo especially with the Nakiri
  3. Wich is basically a knife from Xinzuo but rebranded with a different name for the reseller.
  4. recommending is Xinzuo or the reseller Yarenh.
  5. So I also understand that some are not happy, he paid $140 with a knife sheet for one Xinzuo
  6. Xinzuo is a brand that surprised me in the heat treatment of the multiple core materials
  7. While other knives from Xinzuo are great too, the 440c Gyuto has my recommendation.