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  1. In the case of these yakhchals it transports water from the mountains to the yakhchals,
  2. we focus mostly on the Yakhchals from the area of Yazd.
  3. how it was produced, which doesnt allow scholars to interpret that as yakhchals already
  4. So lets take a look into what materials the Persians used to create these Yakhchals.
  5. This is repeated each day during the short winter time until the yakhchals are full.
  6. Another way to fill the yakhchals with ice was to collect the ice straight from the shaded
  7. parts of the mountain, transport it to the yakhchals and store it inside.
  8. Inside at the bottom of the yakhchals would be a trench, this is where the melted ice
  9. During the hot summer days the ice from the yakhchals would be used to chill food and
  10. Shops in villages would use the ice from the yakhchals to keep their fruits and sherbets
  11. We know of yakhchals still being used in the 1960s, but unfortunately theyve since
  12. refrigerators at home these yakhchals became an abandoned eyesore to many.
  13. The ice from a yakhchals wasnt as clean as the modern techniques, the ice was often
  14. Some yakhchals have been restored as we can see in the cities of Kerman and Orumie, this