How do you pronounce yiyeon in English (1 out of 31).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of yiyeon

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of yiyeon:

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  1. Sihoo and Yiyeon.
  2. I have a memory with Yiyeon from after our debut.
  3. Yiyeon's color is like teeth
  4. What I like the most is this Yiyeon got picked
  5. Yiyeon: Hold on. Then hold this for a second.
  6. Yes, for her to pull out Yiyeon unnie is being considerate
  7. Yiyeon unnie is the only one doing it on the other side
  8. (Panic) Yiyeon is the only one who got a phone call
  9. Yiyeon) Why are we here today, everyone?
  10. Jungwoo) Dance! Yiyeon) Right, we should dance hard
  11. Yiyeon) and get enough time to promote our new song, don't we?
  12. Yiyeon) Music please!
  13. That's Yiyeon's part
  14. Q6. What was Yiyeon's visual ranking in ?
  15. - (I'll put on some more) - Yiyeon) Can you...
  16. I have a memory with Yiyeon from after our debut.
  17. Yiyeon: Hello, viewers of Piki Pictures!
  18. Yiyeon: BVNDIT, Be Ambitious!
  19. Yiyeon: BVNDIT is back with the new song 'JUNGLE'!
  20. Yiyeon: Many songs as colorful as the festival