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How do you pronounce yogiyo in English (1 out of 16).

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  1. You don't need delivery services like Baemin and Yogiyo!
  2. Yogiyo, Baemin. It's all fine.
  3. And right here, I will be singing a Yogiyo cover song!
  4. I'm going to buy everyone a hamburger using the Yogiyo app
  5. Let's get the collaboration of Yoon.Jjoo.Kkoo and Yogiyo started
  7. You can get anything and everything on Yogiyo
  8. Let's order a hamburger from Yogiyo for dinner!
  9. I will give out everyone a burger I ordered on Yogiyo!
  10. Yogiyo (here)?
  11. YOGIYO (HERE)!!!
  12. We're here today to work on a Yogiyo cover song!
  13. Please look forward to Lovelyz's Yogiyo song!
  14. YOGIYO!
  15. Various brands are on sale on Yogiyo
  16. YOGIYO