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How do you pronounce youtube video in English (1 out of 40107).

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Translation of youtube video

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Derived Form of video

plural: videos
the visible part of a television transmission
  1. they could still receive the sound but the picture was gone
Hypernymsvisual communication,
Type ofvisual communication,
Part oftelecasting, television, TV, video,
a recording of both the visual and audible components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program)
Synonymsvideo recording,
Hyponymsvideocassette, videotape,
(computer science) the appearance of text and graphics on a video display
Hypernymsvisual communication,
broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects; ; - Ernie Kovacs
  1. she is a star of screen and video
  2. Television is a medium because it is neither rare nor well done
Synonymstelevision, telecasting, TV,
Hyponymscable television, high-definition television,
Meronymsaudio, video,
a recording of both the video and audio components (especially one containing a recording of a movie or television program)
Synonymsvideo recording,
Type ofrecording,
Typesvideocassette, videotape,
broadcasting visual images of stationary or moving objects
Synonymstelecasting, television, TV,
Partsaudio, picture, sound, video,
Type ofbroadcasting,
Typescable, cable television, HDTV, high-definition television,

youtube video on Youtube

  1. animation for say a YouTube video if a YouTube video was buffering and this came up
  2. youtube video markeitng youtube video seo marketing
  3. send a video (preferred video format is a YouTube video, but Twitch VODs are acceptable).
  4. Despite publicly showing them in a YouTube video or he's a complete liar and a lobotomy. I mean who doesn't fake content on YouTube?
  5. S: Yohei has just made his own YouTube channel and he just made his first YouTube video! I'm so happy for him!
  6. It gives Youtube a bad name that might start an outflux of Youtube video producers.
  7. a YouTube video that was a response to the messages they received regarding a video they
  8. Alright, there you go. Thank you so mu--- So, we're actually filming a video. A Youtube video
  9. I made a youtube video today about Jake that was super fucking sappy and the entire mo of that video this about Jake and I
  10. my new YT video.' Is check out my new YouTube video.' You got that one though, I'm sure
  11. Oh lanzi smartphone video handle rig filmmaking stabilizer case rig for movie youtube video. Did you know in the u.s.?
  12. So this would be useful if I wanted to link to a YouTube video or Vimeo video.
  13. So this next video is trollish in very standard way, this guy made youtube video dedicated
  14. downloading a YouTube video so let's go to our video. we are using IDM version, which is
  15. but it was also a YouTube video I saw a video by one Steve Kaufmann
  16. TV but at least Im not watching a random YouTube video and basing all my film opinions
  17. Because this is a youtube video
  18. Jibo can't play a YouTube video, or a song from Spotify,
  19. until I came across a youtube video talking about the benefits of raw food diet
  20. As of mid 2019, the YouTube video has 3,600 likes, but also holds a whopping 9,800 dislikes.