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  1. This is a really brief intro on YQL. What is YQL? You can go to that URL to check out
  2. the YQL console. YQL is this webservice that allows developers to query, filter, and combine
  3. so you didn't have to learn a whole brand new language to use YQL. YQL allows server-side
  4. in an YQL endpoint; you just copy the REST endpoint from the YQL console into the Fetch
  5. with YQL table creation. Here's the YQL table based template that I'm going to use to actually
  6. Most of the time you can-- your services like YQL, Google Maps embed all of these automatically
  7. by Yahoo called YQL, Yahoo Query Language, that simply allows
  8. So this URL don't notice hits Yahoo, the YQL server.
  9. in the first project and this is why you'll be using YQL
  10. scrolling thing, so it'll load more. This is using YQL and Flickr. All of the Model
  11. and Models that I have are backed with YQL. I'm not sure why that's not loading. But I
  12. YQL within Pipes. I'll talk about that a little bit later.
  13. before, hopefully you'll learn a little bit more about it. How many people have used YQL
  14. YQL within Pipes, and you'll just have a little bit more of an advantage because you know
  15. how to use YQL.
  16. using YQL -- there are three different ways that you could go about doing that, and I'll
  17. show you how to actually use YQL within Pipes using those modules. And finally, using the
  18. Complex mashups using REST APIs and YQL. An example of that is, let's say you want to
  19. here is where you can grab your external data, either RSS, Arrest API, YQL data, Flickr data.
  20. of slow. It was completely rewritten using Java, and it's the same engine as YQL.