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  1. The Winterskorn were a people who relished violence, and few relished it more than Yrgrim.
  2. Later, the earthen asked this Yrgrim why he had saved them.
  3. The battle lust has lifted from my eyes, and I have seen truth,' Yrgrim replied.
  4. Yrgrim led the earthen survivors to Keeper Tyr, the one being he believed could save
  5. Yrgrim had murdered scores of innocent earthen, and he thought Tyr would execute him for his
  6. According to one vrykul legend, these are the words Tyr spoke to Yrgrim:
  7. On that day, Yrgrim swore an oath to the twin moons that he would serve Tyr and embody his
  8. While searching the frozen wastes for earthen whom he could lead to safety, Yrgrim stumbled
  9. They cursed Yrgrim's name and howled for his blood.
  10. Yrgrim calmly offered a challenge: if any of the vrykul could knock the shield from
  11. But if the Winterskorn failed, they would lay down their arms and listen to Yrgrim's
  12. One after another, the vrykul charged Yrgrim, and their enchanted blades glanced off of
  13. You fail because you fight for cruelty and injustice, Yrgrim said to the bewildered
  14. And one after another, the vrykul joined Yrgrim's cause and cast their enchanted blades aside.
  15. At Tyr's behest, Yrgrim stalked the outskirts of Ulduar with his shield and confronted a
  16. Yrgrim bested them, one and all.
  17. Yrgrim's adversaries revealed many details about the fallen keeper, but one was more
  18. Yrgrim to stay behind.
  19. Yrgrim, fabled Truthguard in hand, obeyed his master.
  20. Three fire giants soon emerged to hunt down the refugees, but Yrgrim barred their way.