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  1. Step 01 Install Zabbix agent, Step 02 Configure Zabbix agent, Step 03 - Test Zabbix agent.
  2. Edit the configuration file of the zabbix agent. Change the value Server for the ip address and the ip of the zabbix server. Change the value of the variable serveractive to the ip of the zabbix server.
  3. Create c:\zabbix and download the zabbix installer in this directory
  4. Zabbix Agent installation on windows
  5. During this video we will be presented to the process of installing and configuring a zabbix agent on a computer running Windows
  6. Copy the binary and sample configuration files into c:\zabbix
  7. open an elevated command prompt and run the following command to perform the installation of the zabbix agent.
  8. Start the zabbix agent service as shown.
  9. The installation of your zabbix agent was successfully completed.
  10. Access your zabbix server, add the windows computer and add the icmp template to test your configuration