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  1. Allright, it looks like we've just arrived here in Zalipie.
  2. Zalipie, by the way, it's considered to be Poland's most beautiful village.
  3. Zalipie is a small village with a very specific claim to fame.
  4. with thatched roofs, so this is what that is. And in addition, because it's in Zalipie,
  5. to commemorate the floral tradition of Zalipie.
  6. So, initially, before coming to the village of Zalipie, I was a little bit worried
  7. one of the traditional painters from Zalipie.
  8. The final touch on my masterpiece is to write the name of the village of Zalipie as a signature.
  9. The village of Zalipie is a great example of responsible tourism done right in Poland.