How do you pronounce zithreen in English (1 out of 9).

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  1. Sharasdal is held by Lady Zithreen.
  2. behind us while infront of us Zithreen is calling upon the water to keep us at bay.
  3. Zithreen is trying to crush us beneath the waves!
  4. Lady Zithreen: Sharasdal is mine, for the glory of my queen alone!
  5. Lady Zithreen is in the throne room beyond
  6. The snake witch lady Zithreen is inside and Grash is actually afraid.
  7. Zithreen tries to use the elements against us and she even tries to take over Grashs
  8. Its over, Zithreen!
  9. Grash hulks out before we can try to gain more information from Zithreen so the question