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  1. Not much is known about Jan Zizkas early life. He was born around 1360 in Trocnov,
  2. There is no doubt Zizkas military skills were honed, tested and tried by the combat
  3. They did so, albeit against Zizkas wishes. Zizka and his men travelled to the town of Plzen.
  4. Zizkas troops were ambushed by royal forces, outnumbering them 5-to-1. Making clever use of
  5. heavy losses on the royalists. Then, under the guise of fog, Zizkas troops managed to leave
  6. except hill Vitkov. Zizkas mainly peasant soldiers rapidly installed themselves on the hill.
  7. in the rear of the attackers. Nowadays, the hill is named Zitkov in Zizkas honour.
  8. Zizkas troops, using modern weaponry such as artillery, handguns and of course weapons, took
  9. all defensive positions thanks to their numerical superiority. Using battle wagons Zizkas troops
  10. At the Battle of Malesov in June 1424 Zizkas radical army faced moderate Hussites and
  11. forging an even stronger radical opposition. In October, Zizkas forces passed through the
  12. his army during military campaigns. Considering Zizkas life and reputation as a brutal commander,