How do you pronounce zubur in English (1 out of 17).

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  1. in your Zubur is recorded in the Zubur and
  2. meaning? What is in the Zubur? Zubur is
  3. Zubur in the pieces they are writing
  4. You know in Zubur our actions are written
  5. and his book his written in Zubur it was written
  6. about you in the Zubur will be taken out and
  7. be given and its written in the Zubur
  8. This ayat is in context Zubur will come in
  9. with the clarifications and with the Zubur
  10. or big everything is recorded in the Zubur
  11. and with Zubur meaning he was also reading
  12. are recorded you understand now Zubur,
  13. Zubur of the future but we keep thinking its
  14. is how is says, with clarification with Zubur
  15. Suhuf Allah wrote in the Zubur and what is
  16. Zubur and what is in the pieces is your actions
  17. Zubur the rest of the lectures are already