How do you pronounce zvijer in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. There will be a first round knockout, so says Stefan Zvijer. - So says Stefan Zvijer. Come in April and check if I'm telling the truth.
  2. zvijer? Moda je Gorbaov ako mu dodate 666.
  3. (ena koja jae zvijer je ta? Bludnica! Ona je bludnica Babilona)
  4. Babilona a da je Europa zvijer - ti mi uvijek pokazuje na slikovito.
  5. That's the way I am. - Are you talkin' about Stefan Zvijer?
  6. Aleksa Balaevi is promoteur. We fight for the belt in 70 kg division, 'cause Zvijer said that he is one of the best figters in that category
  7. But that ape Stefan Zvijer... I'll grab his throat...
  8. On my left is challenger Stefan Zvijer, who will fight Vaso Bakoevi
  9. But, I'm more than happy that Stefan Zvijer is here in Novi Sad,
  10. Now, everyone knows about Stefan Zvijer, and they ask all the time when is rematch gonna happen.